May—October 2023
The Visible Ones

'The inter – institutional project and exhibition The Visible Ones represents more than eighty female authors, studies and indicates the pronouncedly low representation of women artists in art collections of museum institutions, and also presents certain aspects and mapping of the contemporary artistic practice of women artists in Croatia.
With this project, we seek to indicate the contemporary fine art production of women artists, which is marked by great achievements, but is nevertheless insufficiently visible.
In order to gain more visibility for the project, the Museum of Contemporary Art collaborates with institutions which follow contemporary production in their programmatic determinants: Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik, Museum of Fine Arts Osijek, Museum of Fine Arts Split, and MMSU Rijeka.'

April—June 2023

Invited to set up an exhibition in the Botanical Garden of the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Zagreb, Croatia, SofijaSilvia takes the space of the garden as a starting point, a found state and established semantic field. She creates a site-specific installation using the space, including the context it carries, as an artistic resource and material equal to all others that she handles: that is exhibited photographs, photographed environments and subjects.

Pendulum, 22nd April to 11th June 2023

October—December 2022
Atelier 11, Cité Falguière, Paris

During her residency with L'AiR ARTS at Atelier 11, SofijaSilvia will be working on her upcoming solo show that will be held from April through June 2023 at the Botanical Garden of Zagreb and organised by the Art Pavilion in Zagreb, Croatia.

Meet Silvia at the Open Studio event at the Atelier 11 on November 19th, 2022.

April 2021
The Sound Of Water

In fall 2019 I was invited to take part in European Eyes on Japan/Japan Today vol.22 project, organised by EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee in collaboration with Rijeka 2020-European Capital of Culture.
I went to Mie Prefecture and was based in Ise-City, the home to the most sacred Shinto shrines Naiku and Geku. In and around Ise-City there are over a hundred shrines. I also visited Kumano Kodō, the ancient pilgrimage routes, that are listed as part of UNESCO world heritage sites. As the Covid-19 crisis hit shortly after my return to Europe, the exhibitions that were planned in the capitals of culture, Rijeka in Croatia and Galway in Ireland, didn't happen.

Therefore we decided to make the movie 'The Sound of Water'.

Project: European Eyes on Japan / Japan Today vol.22
Organisers: EU-Japan Fest Japan Commitee
In collaboration with: Rijeka 2020 ― European Capital of Culture
Artistic director: Mikiko Kikuta
Assistant: Ryusuke Kagioka
Editing and sound design: Ilija ILIA Smiljanić

March—April 2021

Solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia

October—November 2020
Drive Through

On October 25th, the International Day of Artists, the exhibition 'drive through' was opened. 12 Istrian artists present their works exhibited in a sorts of 'outdoor gallery' -- on 12 billboards and 12 locations, along the roads of Istria, Croatia. The aim of the exhibition is to maintain a relationship with the audience during this difficult time of social restrictions.
The selector of the 'drive trough' exhibition is Dragana Sapanjoš, who invited 12 Istrian artists to present their works in the public space: Davor Sanvincenti, Dean Skira, Dragana Sapanjoš, Goran Petercol, Matija Debeljuh, Matija Ferlin, Robert Pauletta, Sara Gortan, SofijaSilvia, Šikuti Machine, Tea Bičić and Vibor Juhas.
The organizer of the Creative Autumn in Istria is IKA - Istrian Cultural Agency-Agenzia culturale Istriana with the cooperation of HUIU - Croatian Association of Interdisciplinary Artists, Grahm Development Center, Atanor, Picto Gallery, Labin Art Express XXII and Istria County-Istrian Region.

Detail of photo detail from the 'Garage' series, 2017
Location: D300 road - Buje-Petrovija
Direction: Buje towards Umag

June—August 2020
Marino Cettina Collection
May 2020
Essay by Tom Jeffreys, for Photomonitor
March—June 2020
Space for Everything Possible

Exhibition "Space for Everything Possible" at the European Parliament in Brussels

Opening 4th March 2020

The exhibition "Space for Everything Possible", jointly organized by the Ministry of Culture and the European Parliament, is being held as part of Croatia's presidency of the Council of the European Union 2020. The curators of the exhibition are Sylvia Binger and Vladimir Čajkovac. Combining works by Croatian artists from the European Parliament's Collection and works by invited authors, the exhibition's curators give an overview of Croatian contemporary art production, providing insight into the diversity of individual poetics and practices.
The exhibition will feature works by Sanja Iveković, Duje Jurić, Ivan Kožarić, Vlado Martek, OKO, Viktor Popović, SofjaSilvia, Slaven Tolj, Josip Vaništa and Zlatan Vehabović.

Above: Survivor, 2015

November—December 2019
European Eyes on Japan / Japan Today Vol.22


SofijaSilvia has been selected for the 'European Eyes on Japan - Japan Today' program Vol.22, in collaboration with European Capitals of Culture 2020.

Ongoing since 1999, "European Eyes on Japan" photography project ( english/project/japantoday/) invites photographers from Europe to photograph in Japanese prefectures, developing projects around the theme “Japan Today”. The goal is to make this collection an opportunity for the Japanese to reclaim aspects of their everyday life that are neglected, and at the same time it is an opportunity for Europeans to deepen their knowledge of Japan.

The photographs taken in Japan are collected in a publication and exhibited in European Capitals of Culture and the prefecture in Japan where the photographers photographed.

One photographer from Ireland and one from Croatia have been invited for vol.22. The Capital of Culture in 2020 in Croatia is Rijeka, and the prefacture that SofijaSilvia will work in is Mie.

April 2019
Dust to Dust

Dust to Dust

21 x 26 cm
21 photos
44 pages
essay by Tatjana Gromača
design by Lana Cavar
published by Muzej-Muzeo Lapidarium

April—June 2019
AiR Krinzinger 2018

In 2019 KRINZINGER PROJEKTE opens the exhibition 'ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE 2018'.
The exhibition presents works created in the course of the last year's Krinzinger residency program in Vienna (AT), Petőmihályfa (HU), Kuberton (HR), and Sri Lanka (LKA).
The exhibiting artists were taking part in the residency at the invitation of Dr. Ursula Krinzinger.
Since it started operating in 2002, the Krinzinger Projekte - a project space and extension of the Galerie Krinzinger - has been realizing a successful international program consisting of thematic group exhibitions displaying fresh artistic positions.
The group exhibition consists of eleven positions presented by the local and international contemporary artists: Stefanie De Vos, Rui Miguel Leitão Ferreira, Franz Graf, Rosmarie Lukasser, Zsolt Molnár, Petra Mrša, Shuvo Rafiqul, Franz Riedl, SofijaSilvia, Claudia Schumann, Andreas Werner