• About to Leave, 2017

    About to Leave records the drama and symbolism of plants as greenhouse prisoners; outgrowing the greenhouses, craving for light and freedom they grow adhering to the glass surfaces, stretching out through the openings in the constructions. They are a metaphor of being kept safe and alive, but at the cost of freedom.
    The photographs explore the role that plants and greenhouses had at the time when people did not travel and there was no photography that would show how nature looked in distant, exotic places.Today they lost their original purpose and it is obvious that heritage, memory, and places of silence and contemplation can not compete with the economic value that seems to be the only one relevant.
    A drama took place in the botanical garden serres d 'Auteuil in Paris, when it was decided that part of the garden and greenhouses would be sacrificed for the construction of the new Roland Garros stadium. The picturesque garden and historic greenhouses will now serve as backdrop for the entertainment of the masses of people that will visit the tennis tournaments for only few weeks a year. Despite the efforts of representatives from the Society for the Protection of Landscape and Aesthetics of France, advocates for heritage conservation and the general public, the construction has not been stopped.