• Forest of Eden, 2017

    Forest of Eden was realised on commission for the hotel group Maistra d.d. from Rovinj, Croatia. It specifically responds to the unique architectural and landscape heritage of Hotel Eden, which occupies a modernist masterpiece in a forest parkland outside the ancient port town of Rovinj, Croatia.

    The panoramic forms pay tribute to the hotel’s strong architectural lines. The images focus on the rich variety of trees to be found around the hotel, many of which were introduced by Hütterott: not only pines but also hundred-year-old cypresses and Himalayan cedars, eucalyptus and ginko trees, as well as ancient olive trees, all entwined with the native Mediterranean vegetation. The unusual angles of the vistas encourage guests to look more closely at the surrounding environment.

    The project, raises awareness about the landscape heritage, as well as the importance of protecting our environment. The positive feedback from the hotel stuff and guests confirms the effectiveness of the work, as it stimulates curiosity and sensibility in people who spontaneously enquire about the locations and the history of the landscape.

    (in the 'Installation Views' you can find the documentation of custom-built, back-lit lightboxes, installed in suites and rooms and framed photographs hung in the corridors)