• Pulsations, 2015

    'SofijaSilvia often introduces motifs of animals into her work, thus activating their symbolic potential of cosmic, material and spiritual principles and powers. Scenes featuring taxidermy animals from the archive of the Zoological Museum in Strasbourg embody new allegories, the meanings of which are hidden under a distinctive iconology established on site at the moment the shutter is released. They are almost apocalyptic reenactments of halted worlds in which the author gives the ability of creation and the possibility of action to dead stuffed animals using the titles of photographs such as Contemplation or Escape. Death and life are halted within the same frame. Past, present and future are merged together in mutual timelessness.'

    (in 'Texts'you can read the critical text for Croatian National Radio by Irena Bekić, a review of the solo exhibition Resonance, held in 2016 at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Istria)